Our Heart

Our heart and desire is to help people move from where they are into where God has called them.  In a world filled with distractions, comparisons, and busyness, we believe God has a desire for a change in our community. In a rapidly growing community with young active families, purpose and dreams are lost in the day to day. We want to build a local church that allows people to find their purpose and discover their place with God.

We envision a church where people can come as they are and find a place to belong. A place that will help people stop identifying themselves with what they do, and start seeing who God has called them to be. We want to help people not get fixated on arriving simply at a destination, but rather focusing on the direction they are headed. A direction that draws them closer to Jesus and towards their purpose. This journey wasn't intended to be done alone, but rather together as a community.  Growth and community go hand and hand, and we are excited about the opportunity to play a small part in what God wants to do in Apex through New Life Church.

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